On June 26, 2008, amendments to CEPA, 1999 were passed dealing with biofuels. In June, the Governor General in Council fixed September 28, 2009 as the coming into force date for these amendments. The amendments provide for a review of the environmental and economic aspects of biofuel production by Parliamentary committee a year after the amendments come into force and then every two years thereafter. The amendments provide certain exemptions for biofuels in transit and biofuels produced for export, and establishes authority for the drafting of regulations governing: the blending of fuels; book keeping regarding the production, blending or sale of biofuels; reporting in relation to the foregoing; and adverse effects of fuels or additives. There is also regulatory authority to exempt certain small-scale producers and importers and the ability to target regulations to specific classes of regulated entities on grounds ranging from feedstock and production capacity to fuel source, fuel condition of use, place of use or time of year of use. For the text of the amendments see http://laws.justice.gc.ca/en/ShowFullDoc/an/2008_31//20090921/en.