The American Stock Exchange, Boston Stock Exchange, Chicago Board of Options Exchange, International Securities Exchange, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), NYSE Arca, and the Philadelphia Stock Exchange (individually a Participant and in the aggregate Participants) have filed a plan under Rule 17d-2 with the Securities and Exchange Commission to allocate responsibility to enforce each Participant’s rules for exercise of options contracts among them as to common members. To administer the plan each Participant would designate a person to serve on the Options Surveillance Group (OSG). The OSG shall allocate regulatory responsibility for the option exercise rules for a common member to a Participant, other than FINRA. Allocation shall be made in a manner as to equalize as nearly as possible allocation among Participants. No less frequently than every two years OSG shall re-allocate common members among Participants.

Surveillance review of common members will be conducted by each Participant at each expiration of options contracts. At each quarterly meeting of the OSG, each Participant will report on its surveillance program for the prior quarter. Each Participant will bear its own costs.