Amended Substitute Senate Bill No. 110, effective September 17, 2010, requires the Ohio Public Health Council to adopt new rules governing sewage treatment systems and establishes parameters for those rules. The new rules will apply to small flow on-site sewage treatment systems as well as household septic systems and may not take effect prior to January 1, 2012. Those rules must establish a preference for the repair of an existing system, when technically and economically feasible, rather than its replacement with a new system.

The Bill further provides that a sewage treatment system that was in operation prior to the effective date of the Bill cannot be required to be replaced unless it is causing a defined public health nuisance, in which case repairs to the existing system are to be permitted if they will eliminate the nuisance.

The Bill also authorizes boards of health to adopt rules governing sewage treatment systems that are more stringent than the rules of the Public Health Council, subject to certain restrictions, although boards of health must consider and document the economic impact of their rules on property owners.

Senate Bill No. 181, most provisions of which are effective September 13, 2010, extends the Enterprise Zone tax abatement program an additional year to October 15, 2011.

See our August 2010 Renewable Energy Alert for a summary of the Department of Energy’s federal loan guarantee program and related assistance for projects involving the manufacture of commercial technology renewal energy systems (such as energy storage systems) and components (such as wind turbine systems, blades and solar photovoltaic components).