Ohio Sen. Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati), chairman of the Senate Public Utilities Committee, said he plans to introduce a proposal to the General Assembly on Wednesday that would change the state's renewable energy and energy efficiency laws as outlined in S.B. 221, The Columbus Dispatch reports (See our Aug 23, 2013, blog post for more information). Although the proposal would not change the 2025 benchmark for utilities, it would allow the largest industrial users to "opt out of requirements for renewable energy and energy efficiency." Technologies that provide both renewable energy and energy efficiency benefits would "count toward both benchmarks, not just one." If the energy efficiency requirement would increase consumer costs beyond a certain point, then utilities would be exempt from the requirement altogether. Also, the requirement that utilities get at least half of their renewable energy from within Ohio would be removed so that they could "buy it anywhere if it is deliverable to Ohio," the article said. For more, read the full story.