EPA’s endocrine disruptor screening program is moving along, and EPA has taken two important actions for companies working to comply with test orders. First, EPA is developing guidance regarding offers to pay data owners for data generated in response to EDSP test orders. The draft guidance indicates that EPA believes FIFRA data compensation regulations at 40 C.F.R. § 152.93(b)(2) apply to inert ingredient data. (Data relating to active ingredients would clearly be subject to FIFRA offer to pay and data compensation procedures.)  

Second, EPA announced that it will begin conducting its weight-of-evidence analyses of Tier 1 data submitted for the initial list of EDSP chemicals. EPA issued guidance in September 2011 regarding the approach it will take. EPA has also indicated that it is targeting 2013 for the issuance of an information collection request on the second group of chemicals selected in November 2010 to undergo Tier 1 screening. The first group of chemicals included primarily pesticides, while this second group includes chemicals covered by the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations.