Today the Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) announced more Russia designations, this time under the Magnitsky sanctions. The Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012 (H.R. 4405) authorizes sanctions on those individuals responsible for the death and detention of Sergei Magnitsky. Mr. Magnitsky was a Russian lawyer who was investigating corruption and fraud by certain Russian tax officials. The act also authorizes designations of individuals involved in human rights violations against anyone seeking to expose illegal activity by Russian officials or seeking to promote human rights in Russia.

Eighteen people have already been sanctioned under the Act, mostly mid-level law enforcement and tax officials. Those designated under the Magnitsky sanctions are not eligible to enter the United States and their assets must be blocked if they come into the hands of U.S. Persons

Among the newly designated officials, according to the AP, are “four prison officials, a judge, [a] court official, a law enforcement investigator and alleged co-conspirators in the fraud case.”  Dmitry Kratov, who is on the list, was previously acquitted in Russia of charges of negligence brought against him in connection with Magnitsky’s death

The newly designated individuals are the following:

ALISOV, Igor Borisovich; DOB 11 Mar 1968 (individual) [MAGNIT].

GAUS, Alexandra Viktorovna (a.k.a. GAUSS, Alexandra); DOB 29 Mar 1975 (individual) [MAGNIT].

KHLEBNIKOV, Vyacheslav Georgievich (a.k.a. KHLEBNIKOV, Viacheslav); DOB 09 Jul 1967 (individual) [MAGNIT].

KLYUEV, Dmitry Vladislavovich (a.k.a. KLYUYEV, Dmitriy); DOB 10 Aug 1967 (individual) [MAGNIT].

KRATOV, Dmitry Borisovich; DOB 16 Jul 1964 (individual) [MAGNIT].

KRECHETOV, Andrei Alexandrovich; DOB 22 Sep 1981 (individual) [MAGNIT].

LITVINOVA, Larisa Anatolievna; DOB 18 Nov 1963 (individual) [MAGNIT].

MARKELOV, Viktor Aleksandrovich; DOB 15 Dec 1967; POB Leninskoye village, Uzgenskiy District, Oshkaya region of the Kirghiz SSR (individual) [MAGNIT].

STEPANOV, Vladlen Yurievich; DOB 17 Jul 1962 (individual) [MAGNIT].

SUGAIPOV, Umar; DOB 17 Apr 1966; POB Chechen Republic, Russia (individual) [MAGNIT].

TAGIYEV, Fikret (a.k.a. TAGIEV, Fikhret Gabdulla Ogly; a.k.a. TAGIYEV, Fikhret); DOB 03 Apr 1962 (individual) [MAGNIT].

VAKHAYEV, Musa; DOB 1964; POB Urus-Martan, Chechen Republic, Russia (individual) [MAGNIT].