There were 169 new cases admitted to the High Court Commercial List in 2013, representing a 21% decrease on the 215 cases submitted in 2012.  There were 167 cases disposed of by the Commercial Court in 2013, a 39% decrease on the 274 cases disposed of in 2012.  The average disposal time was unchanged at 20 weeks with 25% of all cases being disposed of / concluded in less than three weeks and 90% of all cases being disposed of in less than 51 weeks.  

It is also interesting to note that there was an increase in breach of contract claims before the High Court in 2013.  In total, 2,785 such cases were brought, compared to 2,101 in 2012.  There was also an increase in cases brought under the Solicitors Acts from 99 in 2012 to 117 in 2013.  

With regard to waiting times, the average waiting time for appeals in the Supreme Court List during 2013 was four years.  The average waiting time for priority cases before the Supreme Court was ten months.  The Court of Appeal has since been established with the aim of reducing waiting times for appeals.

In the High Court, there is generally a waiting time of three months from when a case is certified as ready for hearing to the allocation of the first date for hearing for the High Court (other than cases in the Commercial List).  In non-jury cases (breach of contract and professional negligence), there is an average waiting time of five months from when the case is certified ready for hearing to the allocation of the first date for hearing before the High Court.  For hearings which are likely to take more than one week, the waiting time is nine months.