Following the request of Bouygues Telecom in a letter dated 19 July 2012, in a Decision n°2013-0363 dated 14 March 2013, the ARCEP determined the modalities of operation by this company of a 4G LTE (high mobile broadband) network in the 1800 MHz band, which was formerly reserved to the GSM norm (2G).

Bouygues Telecom had one month following this decision to withdraw its request and keep its original licence. In a letter received on 2 April 2013, Bouygues Telecom confirmed its request of lifting of the restriction on the use of the frequencies which were granted to it in the 1800 MHz band and accepted the conditions determined by the ARCEP. In a Decision No. 2013-0514 dated 4 April 2013, the ARCEP modified Bouygues Telecom licence in order to allow it to use the 1800 MHz band for 4G.