The County Court has held Southern Pacific Mortgage Limited did not breach the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 or the Equality Act 2010 when it refused to convert a repayment mortgage to an interest-only one at the request of a borrower who had suffered depression. The borrower had lost her job and become depressed. She contended that the lender’s failure to change the mortgage amounted to discrimination against her. The lender contended it would not have been reasonable for it to meet the request, given that ultimately the borrower would have had to sell her house to pay off the loan. The court found that the lender had not acted considerately since being put on notice of the borrower’s problems and did not appear to have fully considered its reasons for refusal. It also found the lender had not acted on a ruling by FOS to apply a nine-month interest-free period. Notwithstanding this, the court found the reasons for refusal were not related to the borrower’s disability. (Source: Southern Pacific Mortgages Limited)