Under ERISA Section 404(a), a plan administrator must disclose fee and investment performance information to participants in directed individual account plans. The regulations under ERISA Section 404(a)provided that the first deadline for a calendar-year plan to furnish the information was no later than August 2012. The regulations also require this information to be provided at least on an annual basis thereafter. Plan sponsors and service providers were concerned that this annual timing requirement does not correspond with timing for delivery of other notices related to individual account plans and that under current regulations, the only way to change the timing of the delivery of notices would require that an additional notice be provided sooner than 12 months from providing a prior notice. In response to these concerns, the Department of Labor issued Field Assistance Bulletin No. 2013-02, which provides the opportunity to reset the date by which the annual notice may be given, provided the plan administrator reasonably determines that resetting the timing for the notice will benefit participants and beneficiaries (e.g., by reducing plan administrative costs associated with a separate mailing or increasing the likelihood that the notice will be read by participants and beneficiaries by providing the notice with other year-end plan materials). The first level of relief is that the plan administrator may furnish the information required to be provided in 2013 no later than 18 months after the information was initially distributed in 2012. For example, if the administrator furnished a notice on August 25, 2012, under the general rule, the 2013 notice would be due no later than August 25, 2013. Under the relief in the Bulletin, the Department of Labor will allow the notice to be treated as given timely if it is given by February 25, 2014 (18 months after the initial 2012 notice). Of course, some administrators have already furnished the 2013 notice. In the second part of the relief, the Bulletin allows the 2014 notice to be given no later than 18 months after the notice was provided in 2013. Under the same example, if the plan sponsor intends to give the 2013 notice on August 25, 2013, and if given on that date, the 2014 notice could be given as late as February 25, 2015 (18 months after the 2013 notice). The Bulletin also indicates that the department is considering whether to allow a 30-45 day window in which subsequent notices can be given to avoid the issues of an exact 12 month date requirement. (DOL FAB No. 2013-2)