Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham has issued a reminder to organisations to be transparent with people's personal information, after an ICO survey showed that most UK citizens still don't trust organisations with their data.

The original benchmark research conducted in 2017, found that 20% of people had trust and confidence in organisations storing and using their personal information. This figure increased to 34% in the latest survey but is still relatively low. 

One of the ICO's main strategic goals under their Information Rights Strategic Plan 2017-2021 is to increase the UK public's trust and confidence in how data is used and made available. 

Other key findings from the survey include:

  • A significant increase in the proportion of respondent stating they would get advice/information from the ICO;
  • Public concerns around organisations using personal information which is then stolen by criminals; and
  • Most feel that a company should be held responsible for lost or stolen data in a data breach.