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What rules and procedures govern spectrum allocation?

The Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) is the primary body responsible for frequency spectrum management in Turkey. The ICTA carries out:

  • national frequency planning;
  • international frequency coordination;
  • frequency allocations; and
  • registration procedures to ensure the efficient and effective use of, and to prevent harmful interference with, the frequency spectrum.

Resolutions from international organisations such as the International Telecommunication Union, the European Union and the European Conference of Postal and Telecoms Administrations, are considered in frequency spectrum allocation. The ICTA carries out the international frequency registrations maintained by the International Telecoms Union.

Matters relating to spectrum allocation are regulated under the Regulation on Spectrum Management and adopted by the ICTA on the basis of the Electronic Communications Act. As a general rule, those wishing to use the frequency spectrum must apply to the ICTA for frequency allocation and register it in the registry maintained by the ICTA. However, the ICTA may determine that certain wireless equipment, systems and frequency bands do not require frequency allocation and registration.


What fees apply to spectrum allocation/authorisation?

There are no allocation fees other than the right-of-use fees. Under Article 11(5) of the Electronic Communications Act, the minimum amount of fees for the right of use is determined by the Council of Ministers on the proposal of the ICTA and the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications on the matter. Fees for rights of use to be applied in 2017 are available on the ITCA website.


Can spectrum licences be transferred, traded or sub-licensed?

The trading of spectrum frequencies is allowed and governed by the Authorisation Regulation. However, there is no regulation on the sub-licensing of spectrum licences.

A spectrum frequency can be transferred partially or in whole, subject to different procedures. For the transfer of spectrum frequency, an application must be filed with the ICTA. If the ICTA approves the transfer, a right-of-use authorisation will be granted to the transferee within one month of the date on which the approval is granted.

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