Russian copyright holders plan to create a unified blockchain-based platform for intellectual property management, which will be called IPCHAIN. The platform will be developed by the Skolkovo Foundation, several universities and societies for collective management of rights. For developing the platform based on the blockchain technology, the National Coordination Center will be created, among the founders of which are the Russian Copyright Society, the Russian Union of Right holders, the All-Russian Intellectual Property Organization, the Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics and the Skolkovo Foundation.

The founders plan to create a unified technology platform IPhub, which will store information about objects of intellectual property, such as objects of copyright and related rights, patents, trademarks, etc. At its core, IPCHAIN is a platform where the all information about the use of any IP objects will be recorded. Authors and rightholders will independently determine the conditions for using their developments, the rules for their use in a digital environment (for example, on the Internet or on television), as well as the conditions for the transfer of rights. In other words, users of the platform will be able to publish their patents in the register in a short time and without intermediation, they also will be able to sell their IP rights through smart contracts.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation has already shown interest in IPCHAIN. The head of the department of science and technology of the Ministry of Education and Science Sergey Matveev believes that with the help of the platform it will be possible to fix the priority on the results of research and development on the basis of “humanless” technologies, instant transactions by market participants with “smart contracts” and rapid marketing of scientific results .

This is an interesting project, especially for the publishing business, says Alexander Blinov, head of Warner Music Russia. According to him, Warner is going to place their catalog of works in IPCHAIN.

The creation of this platform will cost about 20-30 million rubles.