A fraudster was jailed for 3 years and 7 months and ordered to pay over £11,000 after he used stolen bank card data bought from a card fraud website. The compromised cards originated from the UK, along with Australia, China, Singapore and Canada. The card ‘dump site’ Mattfeuter, based in Vietnam, has since been broken up following an international police operation. The investigation was carried out by the Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit (DCPU), a police unit sponsored by the banking industry and made up of bank investigators, support staff from FFA UK and officers from the City of London Police and the Metropolitan Police Service. It found that 56 of the cards had been used to make fraudulent transactions worth £11,180.

Detective Constable Aine Matthews, who led the investigation for the DCPCU, said: “Akpabio tried to use the anonymity of the internet for his fraudulent purposes. Today’s sentence is a clear warning to others considering a similar path that you cannot hide behind a computer screen – you will be caught and punished.”