On October 23, 2014, CMS announced it would begin accepting applications for its “Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative,” a four-year initiative authorized by the Affordable Care Act. The new Initiative is designed to support clinician practices through collaborative and peer-based learning networks that encourage transition from volume-driven systems to ones that are coordinated, value-based, and patient-centered. Through the Initiative, CMS will fund successful applicants who work to rethink and redesign their practices to move towards becoming more focused on patient outcomes rather than quantity of care. Applications are due January 6, 2015, though CMS strongly encourages providers to submit applications or nonbinding letters of intent by November 20, 2014.

Through the Initiative, CMS will award cooperative funding for two network systems: Practice Transformation Networks and Support and Alignment Networks. Practice Transformation Networks are peer-based learning networks designed to facilitate collaboration by coaching, mentoring, and assisting clinicians in developing core competencies specific to practice transformation. Successful applicants for this network would have pre-existing relationships with multiple primary care and/or specialist practices that include data sharing capabilities.

Support and Alignment Networks are networks formed by national and regional medical professional associations, public-private partnerships, and others who would create an infrastructure to help identify evidence-based practices and policies to support the Practice Transformation Networks. Successful applicants for this network may include eligible medical associations, specialty societies, or other organizations involved in aligning their programs with the goals of the Initiative. CMS will hold webinars for potential applicants on November 6 and November 20.

For more information on the Initiative, including application information and upcoming webinars, please click here. For a copy of the HHS Press Release, please click here. For a copy of the HHS Fact Sheet, please click here.