On 21 March, Employment Minister Chris Grayling announced a package of reforms which are outlined in “Good Health and Safety, Good for Everyone”, a copy of which can be found here. The proposals are aimed to increase growth and ease the regulatory burden on business and include:

  • Automatic health and safety inspections for responsible employers will no longer take place, with the HSE to focus on high risk industries and rogue employers who continue to put their employees and / or the public at risk. This is considered to have the effect of cutting the number of inspections in the UK by up to one third.
  • Register of health and safety consultants to be maintained, with rogue consultants who are untrained or give false advice to be excluded from the approved list.
  • Leading risk management specialist Professor Ragnar E Löfstedt has been appointed to review health and safety law with a view to scrapping unnecessary measures.
  • Development of a new online package to be called “Health and Safety Made Simple” to help small and low risk employers to obtain all the health and safety information that they require in one place.  

A link to the report outlining the Government departments’ progress on the health and safety reforms can be found here.