One result of the recent leadership change in the Australian Federal Government has been the return of Senator Kim Carr to the Innovation and Industry Portfolio. This follows the resignation of Greg Combet from that position after the reinstatement of Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister.

Kim Carr is well known as a key supporter of Kevin Rudd, and was dumped from his former portfolio by the now former Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. The return to his former portfolio is widely seen as his reward for maintaining loyalty to Kevin Rudd.

During his previous stint in the Innovation and Industry Portfolio from 2007 to 2011, Kim Carr as the responsible minister oversaw legislation that has now resulted in the most comprehensive revision to Intellectual Property Law in Australia in recent years. These IP Reforms are encompassed in the Intellectual Property Laws Amendment (Raising the Bar) Bill 2011, details of which have now been extensively discussed in earlier posts on our website.

Senator Carr has now been given the further responsibility of Higher Education in his Portfolio.  He has welcomed the inclusion of higher education in the Innovation Portfolio stating that “our students are our future researchers, entrepreneurs and workers in industry. They are central to the innovation agenda.”

Senator has also been quoted as saying “Innovating better than we do now is the highest priority and most practical step we can take as a country to improve living standards, create jobs, and secure our future prosperity. For Labor, this is not a choice it is an imperative.”