By its appellate ruling on August 19, 2014, MOEA sustained the IPO's decision which had rejected Mr. Lin Kun-nan's application to register the mark "MUSS WU" by citing Mr. Jackson Wu's trademark "MISS WU".  IPO found that the applied-for mark "MUSS WU" is similar to the unregistered mark "MISS WU" of Mr. Jackson Wu, a famous designer in the U.S., which has been in use on the same or similar clothing and other products and therefore not registrable pursuant to Article 30-I-(12) of the Trademark Act.  Said Article provides that a mark shall not be registered if it is identical with or similar to a trademark which has been prior used by another person on identical or similar goods, and the applicant thereof has been aware of the existence of the prior-used trademark and filed for the trademark with an intention to plagiarize the prior-used trademark.  MOEA specifically indicated that although the application filed by Mr. Wu in March 2011 for registration of his mark "MISS WU" was rejected by the IPO in January 2012 on the grounds of lacking distinctiveness, , Mr. Jackson Wu's use of "MISS WU" trademark on clothing, shoes, etc. was intensively and extensively reported in local media and the relevant local consumers were able to associate the trademark "MISS WU" with Mr. Wu before the filing of the subject trademark "MUSS WU" on January 30, 2013.  Mr. Wu's mark "MISS WU" has already acquired sufficient distinctiveness and is capable of functioning as a source identifier.