Following the publication of the amended attendance criteria setting out the minimum acceptable standards for A (trusted) and B (sponsor)-rated sponsors, the UKBA is conducting a new round of audits in relation to non-HTS sponsors to check compliance.

We have become aware that some education providers have been asked by the UKBA to complete a spreadsheet detailing their tier 4 students which is flawed because it does not provide scope for the necessary calculation against the ratings criteria.

The information requested relates only to CAS assigned from March 2010, and asks for attendance rate and work placement details where applicable. For an example of the spreadsheet being received, click here.

The tier 4 team at Penningtons has been assisting sponsors with the completion of the spreadsheet and has been making representations to the UKBA. Education providers are reminded that if they provide information to the UKBA which is not clear this may trigger further investigation by the UKBA. It is therefore crucial that the information is prepared thoroughly and is accurate. If our team can assist, please contact us.