Marc Jaeger, President of the CFI, has called for help from the political bodies of the EU to clear the growing backlog of cases brought before the CFI. Many of the cases are highly technical in nature and, therefore, require significant judicial consideration, particularly as each CFI judgement may have a farreaching impact on the sector concerned.

Jaeger has proposed increasing the number of staff and/or judges engaged in order to alleviate the current strain on the CFI. He has also suggested that EU decision makers consider creating a separate specialist court, for example in the field of intellectual property litigation, to help free-up valuable resources.

The CFI’s growing caseload has concerned Jaeger from the outset of his presidential appointment when he instigated a number of reforms, including holding more hearings each week. Unfortunately, these measures have proved insufficient in the long run and Jaeger is anxious that unless more resources are made available, the CFI will be forced to reconsider its approach and condense the detailed judgements it currently provides.