Commerce Committee

The Committee heard submissions in Christchurch on the Gambling (Harm Reduction) Amendment Bill. Submitters again held a range of views on the Bill.

  • The Problem Gambling Foundation supports the Bill and specifically the community control of number and location of gaming machines and the changes to funding control.
  • New Zealand Land Search and Rescue oppose the Bill because it would detrimentally affect national organisations that depend on funds from charity gaming trusts and prevent them from achieving national consistency.
  • The Christchurch City Council is concerned about changes to funding control as it does not want to be involved in the distribution of gambling funds.
  • The Canterbury Jockey Club specifically opposed the exclusion of racing from being a recipient of gaming machine grants as it would put a strain on the industry and there is no justifiable argument for exclusion.

Education and Science Committee

The Committee last week heard submissions on the Advanced Technology Institute Bill, which would establish the ATI to provide a link between research institutions and the manufacturing sector. Submitters raised concerns about the role of ATI. For example, Kiwi Innovation Net supports the establishment of the ATI so long as it does not duplicate existing services and questioned how the conflict between its research and funding responsibilities would be managed. The Institute of Professional Engineers of New Zealand opposed the ATI's research role and commented on the importance of recognising that ATI is not a Crown Research Institute.

Business New Zealand submitted in support of establishing the ATI. It considers the ATI to be the most positive initiative for the manufacturing sector in the past 25 years.