Voting 3-2, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has rejected a proposal to extend beyond the June 28, 2011, compliance deadline new federal rules applicable to crib manufacturers and retailers. The commission will, however, allow short-term crib-rental companies until December 28, 2012, to update their inventory to comply with the new mandatory standards for full-size and non-full-size baby cribs. Child-care facilities and places of public accommodation, such as hotels and motels, already have that extension.

Crib retailers concerned about non-complying inventory apparently sought an extension in letters to CPSC commissioners. But in statements supporting their June 16 vote refusing to grant the extension, CPSC Chair Inez Tenenbaum, and Commissioners Thomas Moore and Robert Adler revealed that other retailers had asked the commission to leave the compliance date alone. “They had gone out of their way, suffering great expense, to liquidate their non-compliant merchandise so they would have only compliant cribs in stock by the end of June,” according to Adler. “These small retailers expressed great fear that if their competition were allowed to sell non-compliant merchandise after June 28, at what was sure to be a deep discount, it would put many of these small companies out of business.”

Approved December 15, 2010, CPSC’s mandatory standards are designed to (i) “stop the manufacture and sale of dangerous, traditional drop-side cribs”; (ii) “make mattress supports stronger”; (iii) “improve slat strength”; (iv) “make crib hardware more durable”; and (v) “make safety testing more rigorous.” See CPSC News Release, June 17, 2011.