Pensions Investment Research Consultants (PIRC) published the 17th edition of its UK Shareholder Voting Guidelines which replaces the Spring 2012 version.  PIRC is an independent research and advisory body acting on behalf of institutional investors to raise governance and corporate social responsibility concerns with investee companies.  PIRC applies its guidelines to all the listed companies it covers on the UK market (including companies incorporated outside the UK).  The Guidelines set out PIRC's detailed views on good corporate practice and look specifically at the following areas:

  • the Board
  • the report and accounts, audit and financial controls
  • shareowner rights, capital stewardship and corporate actions
  • corporate structure and transactions
  • directors' remuneration
  • investment companies, and
  • sustainability and non-financial reporting.

The Guidelines make a number of changes from the 2012 version mainly in relation to accounting, financial reporting and directors' remuneration.  They are available to order on the PIRC website (