Arguably, one of the big challenges when it comes to the subject of diversity and inclusion, is that men often think D&I doesn't affect them positively or paint them in a good light. The reality is that D&I is about everyone. It's about creating a culture where people can bring more of themselves to work. So, why is the topic of D&I often perceived by men as an attack on their personhood when they, themselves, are at the intersection of many marginalized groups?

Tune into the first episode of Diversonomics, Season 3, as our host Sarah Willis sits down with former NFL player turned inclusion consultant, Wade Davis, to get some answers.

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"I was trying to de-escalate the situation and I referred to her as "sweetie". She looked at me and said, "Don't ever call me sweetie." In my really uneducated mind, I thought the term sweetie was a compliment... It was really the first time I had to start interrogating […] my unconscious biases around women." - Wade Davis, inclusion consultant & culture advisor, National Football League

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