Also in the last week of October, HHS announced the availability of grants for health information centers and community health centers.

Funding for family-to-family health information centers – which are non-profit entities run by families for families of children with special needs – was extended through 2012 in the PPACA. The $3.9 million in funding announced by HHS will allow the centers to assist families in meeting their children’s needs by providing education, training, outreach, peer support and additional information. Applications are due by December 15, 2010.

Existing community health centers will have the opportunity to apply for funding in order to expand primary and preventative care services, such as dental, vision, pharmacy benefits and behavioral health services. The $335 million in grants to expand such services are part of the $11 billion contained in the new healthcare law to build new community health centers in underserved areas and to expand services at existing centers. Applications are due by January 6, 2011.