June 9, 2015, Film Columbus hosted the first Annual Columbus Film Summit. During the summit two things became clear: (i) Columbus has great incentives (e.g. tax, scenic convenience) and historic-backing and potential to house big-budget production; and (ii) Columbus may need to booster support of the local independent film scene if it plans to see gains from the film industry.

Why is it important to support? 

There are tactile reasons for film industry support such as economic gain, employment, and industry appeal. Then there are abstract reasons for film industry support that contribute to the former such as the development of culturally diverse environment, boost in quality of life for city residents, recruitment and retention for companies, and retention of talent, to name a few.

What needs supported? 

Columbus-based independent film production.

How should Columbus support? 

There are many ideas that can be generated about how to support Columbus-based independent film production as the film industry continues to develop in Columbus. But, there are fundamental principles that can be a launching pad for support such as continuing education, partnership generation, business acumen, legal awareness, branding, and marketing successes.

This means, at its basic core, for Columbus to support, investment, financial and/or in-kind, is needed to ensure emerging companies and artists are educated and have solid operations, teams, and support, in place to ensure quality development of product and craft to further the goal of Columbus—to own a share of the decentralizing the film industry.

Below are a number of basic concepts that are of importance to Columbus’ developing film scene:


  • Appropriate business formation (non-profit, limited liability co.)
  • Installment of key agreements (company operations and cast and crew)
  • Financing (self-funding, private investment, grants)


  • How to operate (individual, entity)
  • Performance Rights Organizations
  • Brand protection (copyright, trademark)