The U.S. Department of State's Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) is responsible for creating an electronic record of approved nonimmigrant visa petitions to allow tracking of nonimmigrant visa petitioner and petition information, which is accessed by consulates abroad in the adjudication of visa applications. The consulate must verify the approved petition through the KCC's system, known as "PIMS." The State Department recently instructed the KCC to begin auditing approved petitions at random, which can include unscheduled calls to the petitioner. Fifteen contractors have been hired to perform this task. During the call, the KCC contractor will ask the petitioner to verify certain details of the approved petition, including whether the petitioner in fact submitted the petition; when the petitioner was incorporated (if applicable); the petitioner's physical location, number of employees and names of shareholders; the location of the petitioner's attorney of record, and other general information regarding the petitioner's operations and business plan.

Employers may want to consider thoroughly reviewing the contents of all nonimmigrant visa petitions they file and notifying counsel if any errors are identified. It is important to note that the KCC usually conducts these audits shortly after the petition is approved, but is authorized to contact the petitioner after the visa has been issued abroad. Employers may wish to request the name of the contractor so that the credentials of the caller may be verified. As there are multiple agencies that may audit the relevant petition, it is vital to determine which agency is requesting the information.