BIS have opened a consultation on draft regulations that will outlaw the blacklisting of trade unionists.

According to BIS, “The Government believes that trade unions and those who belong to them and participate in their activities, play a legitimate role in any democratic society. It believes that the blacklisting of trade unionists should have no place in the conduct of employment relations in this country”.

In 2003, the Government consulted on draft regulations to outlaw trade union blacklisting but did not implement them as it found no evidence that blacklisting occurred. However, a recent investigation by the Information Commissioner into the actions of the Consulting Association Limited uncovered compelling evidence that such blacklisting was occurring in the construction industry which has prompted the drafting of revised regulations.

For further information on the areas for consultation, please follow this link: consultations/page52145.html

Responses are to be received by 18 August 2009.