On November 19, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission proposed new rules that would require security-based swap data repositories (SDRs) to register with, and provide swap data to, the SEC. The proposal would also require SDRs to accept transaction data and maintain it for at least five years after the expiration of the applicable swap. The SEC has also proposed rules requiring parties to security-based swap transactions to report information regarding each transaction to a registered SDR, which would then be required to publicly disseminate certain information regarding the transaction. The proposals are being made pursuant to Dodd Frank, which authorizes the SEC to regulate security-based swaps. According to the SEC, "[t]aken together, the rules ... seek to provide improved transparency to regulators and the markets through comprehensive regulations for [security-based swaps] transaction data and SDRs." Meanwhile, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission is planning on similar rules with respect to swaps falling under its jurisdiction.

See Release No. 45-63347 - Security-Based Swap Data Repository Registration, Duties, and Core Principles and No. 34-63556 - Regulation SBSR - Reporting and Dissemination of Security-Based Swap Information.