The Kroger Company has announced a new Community Rewards Program by which Kroger Plus Cards can be registered to benefit specific nonprofit organizations. Starting May 1, Kroger's Columbus Division is giving up to $5 million to nonprofit organizations this year through the Program. Each time a participating cardholder swipes a Kroger card after shopping for groceries, the organization automatically earns money, up to a maximum of $50,000 quarterly. Kroger will award up to a maximum of $1.25 million per quarter, to be distributed among all eligible organizations. Organizations will receive a check for an amount based on the percentage of spending for the organization in comparison to that of the other registered organizations.

The Kroger Plus Card may only be registered for one organization at a time. The organization benefited may be changed after 6 months. Once successfully registered, the consumer, in 7-10 business days, will see "At your request, Kroger is donating to Organization X" at the bottom of grocery receipts. Alcohol, tobacco, postage stamps, gift cards and a few other items are not eligible. Consumers may register online at and must re-enroll on an annual basis in addition to registering with their organization of choice. Organizations may enroll through The Kroger Website by completing and sending in an enrollment application and 501(c)(3) determination letter.