12 draft model WHS Codes of Practice had been waiting for approval since being endorsed by Safe Work Australia in November 2012.  The delay in part was due to the Federal Government’s disbandment of the Select Council on Workplace Relations who were due to consider the Codes by the end of the financial year.

The tripartite members of Safe Work Australia have agreed by majority that nine of the topics covered, are better placed in guidance packages rather than Codes, following the approach that was taken in relation to preventing and responding to workplace bullying.  The guidance packages were released on 4 July 2014 and are available via the links below:

  1. Workplace traffic management;
  2. Managing cash-in-transit security risks;
  3. Managing risks in forestry operations;
  4. Industrial lift trucks;
  5. Amusement devices;
  6. Safe design, manufacture, import and supply of plant;
  7. Working in the vicinity of overhead and underground electric lines;
  8. Formwork and falsework; and
  9. Scaffolds and scaffolding work.

The remaining three draft model WHS Codes, relating to cranes, managing risks of plant in rural workplaces and tree trimming and removal work, have been reviewed and revised, and are expected to be finalised and considered by the end of 2014.