With only two weeks remaining in the 2011 regular session, House and Senate leaders have not yet reached agreement on the broad spending parameters of the budget, otherwise known as “allocations.” Legislators at the appropriations subcommittee level cannot begin their negotiations until the presiding officers of both chambers agree upon these broad parameters. The actual time available to produce the final budget is less than two weeks, however, as the Florida Constitution requires a 72-hour “cooling-off” period. Article III, Section 19 states that “all general appropriation bills shall be furnished to each member of the legislature, each member of the cabinet, the governor, and the chief justice of the supreme court at least seventy-two hours before final passage.” Consequently, in order to finish by May 6, the end of the 60-day regular session, the final budget must be provided no later than May 2, which appears to be increasingly unlikely as the delays continue. In the event the budget is not finished by the end of the regular session, the Legislature may either extend the regular session or adjourn and convene a special session at a later date.