The ASX has amended its Operating Rules to enhance disclosure requirements and facilitate the expansion of non-conventional exchange traded funds (ETFs), such as synthetic products and foreign collective investments, on ASX AQUA. 

Current and prospective issuers of ETFs and Managed Funds on ASX AQUA need to understand the new requirements and ensure compliance with them.

What you need to know

  • Issuers of ETFs, Managed Funds and Structured Products on ASX AQUA need to revisit their protocols and procedures for disclosure to the market and to the ASX to take into account the new disclosure requirements.
  • Issuers of ETFs and Managed Funds need to determine whether their products are regarded as synthetic products, which are subject to new rules imposing requirements on exposures, counterparties and disclosures.
  • US foreign companies can now be admitted on ASX AQUA following the expansion of the definitions of "ETF" and "Managed Fund".

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For more information please see ASX Notice 0353.15.04