The Government has announced that it is extending the temporary provisions for first day marketing whereby a property can be put on the market without a Home Information Pack (HIP), provided one has been commissioned and paid for and is expected to be in place within 28 days.

Originally, the dispensation was to end for properties marketed after 31 May 2008 but the date has now been postponed to 31 December 2008.

The temporary dispensation that applies to leasehold properties, whereby the only compulsory document in the HIP is a copy of the lease, will also continue until the end of the year. This change has been made because the Government has instituted a new consultation process following industry complaints about the additional costs and delays being experienced when obtaining the documents necessary for inclusion in a HIP for a leasehold property. It is expected that the rules relating to the contents of HIPs for leaseholds may well change significantly between now and 31 December.

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