The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) has released a white paper that allegedly identifies glyphosate residue in common breakfast foods, including “flour, corn flakes, bagels, yogurt, potatoes, organic eggs, and coffee creamers.” Part of a campaign seeking to prohibit the herbicide, the white paper purportedly relies on the results of ELISA (enzyme linked immunosorbent assay) tests commissioned from an independent laboratory, which reported that 10 samples taken from instant oatmeal, eggs, bagels, and other breakfast products contained glyphosate in detectable amounts. In particular, ANH notes that organic cage-free eggs exceeded the U.S. Environment Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) tolerance level for glyphosate residue.

The white paper reflects a new trend of consumer groups financing independent laboratory studies to support their campaigns. According to an April 21, 2016, Beyond Pesticides blog post, Moms Across America commissioned a report on glyphosate in California wine that allegedly found glyphosate residue in all samples tested.