It was accepted by the parties that, in September 2011, Dr Rajeshwar Chandra made certain comments and engaged in behaviour during an examination of two moles on a patient’s inner thigh.  In response to a complaint by the patient regarding the behaviour, the Medical Board of Australia imposed conditions on Dr Chandra’s registration, including a requirement that he not examine or treat any female patient without a chaperone present.  Dr Chandra reportedly failed to comply with these conditions around 180 times.

The Board commenced proceedings against Dr Chandra in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal in relation two letters sent on 24 January 2014 which were found to have been forged by Dr Chandra.  Both letters were purportedly written by the patient.  The first letter advised the Chairman of the Board that the patient had tried to frame Dr Chandra and wished to withdraw all allegations made against him.  The second was sent to the patient’s solicitors, who had been briefed to bring proceedings against Dr Changra.  The letter claimed an amicable settlement had been reached and she no longer sought to proceed.

The Tribunal found Dr Chandra guilty of professional misconduct.  Dr Chandra was suspended for 2 years, after which he will be subject to a chaperone and other conditions for an additional year.

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