Ordinance No 297/2015 –Official Gazette No 184/2015, Series I of 2015-09-21

Regulation of the legal framework of the investment support regime and of the deduction by profits retained and reinvested regime.

Decree-Law No. 205/2015 - Official Gazette No. 186/2015, Series I of 09.23.2015

First amendment to Decree-Law no 57/2008 of 26 March, which establishes the legal regime applicable to unfair commercial practices of the companies in its relations with consumers, occurring before, during or after a commercial transaction regarding an asset or a service, by clarifying the implementation of Directive 2005/29 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 11 May 2005.

Decree-Law No. 220/2015 - Official Gazette No. 197/2015, Series I of 08.10.2015

First amendment to Decree-Law No. 166/2013, dated 27 December, approving the rules applicable to restrictive practices of individual trade.

Ordinance No. 362/2015 - Official Gazette No. 202/2015, Series I of 10.15.2015

Ninth amendment to Ordinance No. 95/94 of 9 February, which establishes the minimum share capital of credit institutions and financial companies.