The Los Angeles city council will vote on whether to exempt unionized workers from a union­supported bill raising the city’s minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2020. The Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL­ CIO, proposed exempting companies with unionized workforces from the $15 minimum wage, suggesting that such an exemption would allow the companies and union the freedom to “prioritize what is important to them.” The clause would allow companies to negotiate contracts that include a lower hourly wage than the ordinance directs, even after the ordinance is in effect. Similar exemption clauses are included in other minimum wage ordinances, such as those passed in Chicago and Milwaukee, although Seattle’s minimum wage ordinance does not include such a clause.

Senator Bernie Sanders was endorsed by National Nurses United for the Democratic presidential nomination. Sanders had previously met with the AFL­CIO Executive Council along with other presidential candidates, although the council did not endorse any candidate.

The IAM, with approximately 600,000 members, endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. An internal IAM poll of about 2,000 members showed that IAM members support Clinton over other candidates by more than 2­1.

NLRB general counsel Richard F. Griffin issued a memorandum announcing that the Board will remove the names and personal information of individuals from case documents released to the public before a public hearing. Regional offices will also no longer make documents available for public inspection before public hearings as a matter of routine, and the documents will be handled by the NLRB’s FOIA branch. The documents covered under this memorandum are formal documents in NLRB proceedings, including charges, complaints, pleadings, briefs, petitions, election agreements, and objections. This change was a result of new technology that raised the possibility that personal information could be widely disseminated.