On September 5, 2012, ALJ Pender granted HTC Corp.’s (“HTC”) motion to strike portions of Apple Inc.’s (“Apple”) Pre-Hearing Brief for failure to comply with Ground Rule 9.2 in Inv. No. 337-TA-808, Certain Electronic Devices with Communication Capabilities, Components Thereof, and Related Software.  Ground Rule 9.2 provides that “The pre-hearing brief shall be a complete stand-alone document” that “shall not exceed one-hundred seventy-five (175) pages and shall have no more than fifty (50) pages of relevant attachments.  The attachments shall be limited to critical charts, figures or other pertinent material, and shall not be used to bypass the page limit of the pre-hearing brief.”  ALJ Pender held that Apple’s brief was not a stand-alone document as required by Ground Rule 9.2 because some obviousness combinations were not disclosed in the brief, but rather outlined only in the attached claim charts.  This, according to ALJ Pender, improperly bypassed the page limit of Apple’s prehearing brief.