Control and Faults Court No. 3 of the City of Córdoba sentenced a man to 3 years in prison for the crime of grooming.

A court in the city of Córdoba sentenced a man to 3 years in prison for the crimes of distribution and facilitation of child pornography, technological contact with minors with sexual intentions (grooming) and corruption of minors (Control and Faults Court No. 3 of the city of Córdoba, “Poplin, Bryan David on production, publication of pornographic images of minors”, December 29, 2017).

The judge based the decision on the declaration of two victims of the accused, as well as on his own admissions and the reports filed by technology experts. In his statement, the accused admitted to using social media profiles – Instagram and Facebook in particular – to contact two 13-year old adolescents. Consequently, the judge considered that the factual basis of the accusation had been proven.

In establishing the penalty, the judge took into account the fact that the accused collaborated with the investigation, demonstrated willingness to undergo psychological treatment and stated that he intended to continue with his education and employment.

This is the second grooming case in the province of Córdoba. In 2016, a man had been sentenced to 9 years of imprisonment by Criminal Court No. 1 for obtaining and distributing sexual photographs of a 14-year old.