Yesterday, following Executive Decree No. 13, a period of 21 days of quarantine was ordered due to COVID-19.

From the migratory point of view, and with the aim of preventing any threat of massive contagion and violation of the health of the inhabitants, the following measures were announced:

  • Decree a 30-day quarantine to all those Salvadoran people and resident foreigners who enter Salvadoran territory by any means.
  • Prohibition of entry of any foreigner who is not resident or diplomatic to Salvadoran territory, as decreed by the General Directorate of Migration and Aliens.
  • Salvadorans and resident foreigners who enter within 21 days of the decreed quarantine, will be subject to health protocols at the time of entry and must remain in quarantine for 30 days after entering the country, in places authorized by the Government for these cases.

To date, there are no exceptions to enter El Salvador. If there are changes in the aforementioned measures, we will inform you as soon as possible.