Australia’s new world city, Brisbane is set for major transformation with new draft plans released for the City Centre and Queen’s Wharf. Together these plans are setting the ground rules for the next wave of major investment and development in the Brisbane CBD.

Draft City Centre Neighbourhood Plan

Brisbane City Council has released its draft City Centre Neighbourhood Plan for public consultation.The draft neighbourhood plan is proposed to replace the existing City Centre Neighbourhood Plan in the City Plan 2014 and is intended to implement the strategies developed as part of the Brisbane City Centre Master Plan 2014.

Brisbane’s CBD is predicted to experience major development over the next 20 years with the addition of more than 800,000 m2 of floor space equating to around 50 new towers. The draft neighbourhood plan seeks to guide and facilitate new development by streamlining and simplifying planning in the CBD.

The draft neighbourhood plan proposes to replace the existing 18 planning precincts with just the following 5 precincts:

  1. Retail precinct
  2. Quay Street precinct
  3. Queen’s Wharf precinct
  4. River precinct
  5. Howard Smith Wharves precinct

In addition to the reduction and simplification of the precincts, key changes proposed in the draft neighbour plan include:

  • expansion of the neighbourhood plan area to include Quay Street and the Howard Smith Wharves
  • removal of gross floor area limits and height limits for many sites
  • heritage issues moved into overlays
  • increased focus on streetscapes and other public spaces

While the draft neighbourhood plan is based on a simplified set of precincts and provisions, it continues to prescribe detailed policy outcomes and development standards and landowners should carefully consider the proposed changes and impacts on individual sites and proposed developments.

The submission period on the draft neighbourhood plan ends at 5pm on Friday 25 September 2015.

Queen’s Wharf PDA Development Scheme

The Queen’s Wharf Brisbane Priority Development Area (PDA) was declared on 28 November 2014 under the Economic Development Act 2012. Following the announcement of the Destination Brisbane Consortium as the winning proponent for Queen’s Wharf Brisbane on 21 July 2015, the proposed development scheme has been released by Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) for public consultation.

The Queen’s Wharf PDA is located between the Brisbane River and George Street and between Alice and Queen Streets. The PDA incorporates approximately 26.8 ha of which approximately 13.5 ha is over land and 13.3 ha is over the Brisbane River.

The PDA is intended to be developed for an integrated resort development with a significant amount of high quality public realm. The PDA also contains significant heritage places and infrastructure, such as the Riverside Expressway.

The proposed development scheme divides the PDA into two parts known as ‘Area A’ and ‘Area B’. Area A comprises the majority of the PDA and development within Area A is to be regulated under the development scheme and is not subject to the Brisbane City Plan. For Area B, which comprises a relatively small area between Mary and Margaret Streets, the development requirements are the applicable provisions of the Brisbane City Plan.

The submission period on the proposed development scheme runs to the close of business on 21 September 2015.