Revised requirements for End-User Undertakings for SIELs

The Export Control Organisation (“ECO”) has issued a new Notice to Exporters stating that as of 1 July 2010 the ECO will require all end-user undertakings (“EUUs”) supplied in support of applications for Standard Individual Export Licences (“SIELs”) for the export of dual-use and military goods to contain a declaration by the end-user that they will not re-export the goods to a destination subject to an embargo imposed by the UN, EU or OSCE where to do so would be a breach of that embargo. The change to the EUU follows a recommendation by The House of Commons Select Committees on Arms Export Controls.

The ECO will continue to accept EUUs without the re-export declaration until 30 June 2010. Exporters should, however, amend their current standard forms and inform their customers of the change, as soon as possible.