Ministry of Corporate Affairs vide Notification dated 24th December, 2012 issued the Companies (Central Government’s) general Rules and Forms (Seventh Amendment) Rules, 2012 by which E-Form No. 18 (Notice of Situation or change of Situation of registered Office) was amended. The Additional disclosure which will have to be made in E-Form No. 18 is as follows:

  1. It will have to be mentioned in the E-Form that the Registered Office is
    1. Owned by Company
    2. Owned By Director (Not taken on Lease by Company)
    3. Taken on Lease by company
    4. Owned by any other entity/Person (Not taken on Lease by Company)
  2. It will be Mandatory to attach Proof of Registered Office
  3. The Practicing Professional (CA/CA/CWA) will have to certify that the he/she has personally visited the new address, verified it and is of the opinion that the premises are indeed at the disposal of the applicant company.
  4. The Authorized Signatory signing the E-Form on behalf of the Company will have to give a verification in the E-Form that the Company undertakes to file the Form 18 for change of registered office address with the ROC within the prescribed period. The above said Modification were made effective from 25th December, 2012