In the 13th Five-Year Plan on Copyright issued by the National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC), challenges facing copyright protection environment, copyright awareness of the public and copyright legalization were pointed out.

To help solving the problems, the NCAC will advance the 3rd revision of Copyright Law, when necessary, to establish copyright collective management organizations (CCMO) for performance, arts and other fields.

The 3rd revision will focus on the development of Regulations on Copyright Protection of Folklore and revision of Regulations for the Implementation of Copyright Law, Regulations on the Protection of the Right of Communication through Information Network and Regulations of Copyright Collective Management.

With regard to the optimization of copyright public management, a service platform focusing on national copyright registration is to be established under the approval of competent authorities. A single system of copyright registration, statistic and search is also taken into consideration. CCMOs are required to carry out business activities in line with law and resolve disputes. They are encouraged to establish cooperation platforms with industries concerned.