Stimulus funding will have a direct impact on the transportation and logistics industry as a whole. Several examples of ways in which the logistics industry will be affected are as follows:

  •  Over $4.5 billion has been allocated to the Department of Energy in the form of grants and loans. Some of these dollars will be used to identify, design and implement sustainable energy infrastructure projects and innovative technologies projects. Other funding is geared toward reducing fossil fuel emissions. Electric transportation is also a funding recipient, and an alternative fueled vehicles pilot grant program rounds out the allocation to the Energy Department.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency is being allocated dollars to reduce diesel emissions through funding and loans provided to states and local governments for projects that reduce emissions. Projects funded through these grants require technology and equipment manufactured through three sectors: auto parts manufacturing, auto repair and maintenance and heavy duty truck manufacturing.
  • The Department of Transportation has been allocated $6 billion for transit capital assistance. The funds will be used to purchase buses and equipment needed to provide transportation service and make improvements to intermodal and transit facilities.