In an amended complaint, a plaintiff has alleged that Campbell Soup Co.’s Prego® sauces contain canola oil with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) despite the products’ “100% Natural” label claims. Nelson v. Campbell Soup Co., No. 14-2647 (S.D. Cal., amended complaint filed June 8, 2015). The complaint asserts that 90 percent of canola crops in the United States are genetically modified, and because Campbell does not “undertake additional expensive steps to purchase and verify a supply from non-GMO growers,” the canola oil used in Prego® products includes GMOs. The plaintiff argues that a “reasonable California consumer, like Plaintiff, would not expect a Product labeled ‘100% Natural’ to contain ingredients made from genetically modified crops, which are, by definition, artificial and synthetic.” She seeks damages and attorney’s fees for her allegations of unfair competition and false advertising.