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In this episode of the Troutman Sanders Battery & Storage Podcast partners Cliff Sikora and Bill Derasmo interview Hon. Philip D. Moeller, Executive Vice President Edison Electric Institute (“EEI”).

The episode covers:

  • Commissioner Moeller’s dedication to the values of public service (4:15)
  • the importance of relationships and courtesy in Washington, DC (5:44)
  • his view of industry restructuring while at FERC (9:00) partisanship (15:40)
  • EEI’s position on how batteries should be classified as either transmission or distribution, and the launch of Order No. 841 (17:28)
  • approval of FERC’s direction (even with no state opt-out) (18:58)
  • understanding of differences in regional system peaks (19:29)
  • batteries are the ultimate “utility infielder;” and require flexibility in regulatory oversight (20:01)
  • view on FERC’s transmission’s NOI and the future of CAPEX deployment and RTO planning (21:35)
  • the success of MISO’s MVP projects (24:00)
  • ownership of batteries and control of functionality, microgrids (27:37)
  • electric vehicles (34:03)
  • non-discrimination requirements for storage access to markets (28:45)
  • and environmental justice (29:12)