IOSCO announces 100th signatory of cooperation MMoU: IOSCO has announced that the Indonesian Financial Services Authority has become the 100th signatory to the IOSCO Multilateral Memorandum of Understanding (MMoU) on cooperation and exchange of information. The competent authorities of Bangladesh and Gibraltar had also signed up to the MMoU in the previous weeks. (Source: MMoU Gains 100th Signatory in Fight Against Financial Misconduct)

IOSCO publishes client assets recommendations: IOSCO has published a final report containing guidance for regulators on how to enhance the supervision of intermediaries holding client assets. The report lays down principles such as the need for the intermediary to put in place risk management systems and to reconcile client accounts and records with those of third parties when the intermediary places client assets with them. (Source: IOSCO Publishes Recommendations Regarding the Protection of Client Assets)