DCLG: Regeneration of stations set to deliver thousands of new properties and jobs: announces an agreement between Network Rail and the HCA that will see them working with local councils to trailblaze development opportunities across England’s railway stations for housing and businesses. The ambitious initiative could deliver up to 10,000 new properties on sites around stations in the coming years. Government wants to hear from at least 20 local authorities to take the scheme forward. York, Taunton & Swindon have already submitted their station regeneration proposals. The HCA and Network Rail will now work with councils on the opportunities they see and any plans already in place to explore how Government can support them to deliver locally-led regeneration and development schemes quickly. (10 April 2016)

IPPR: London – Green global city: this report looks at the formidable environmental challenges which the new Mayor of London will face, such as air pollution, traffic congestion, greenhouse gas emissions, fuel poverty, loss of green space and poor recycling levels. The report sets out a plan for the new Mayor to address these challenges. It calls on the Mayor to commit to making London a ‘global green city’, in which environmental goals are prioritised as central to the city’s vision of economic and social development. (6 April 2016)